Company Profile

Marine Minerals Group and its strategic partners offer unrivalled experience and expertise in marine mineral projects.

We have the full spectrum of technical and business expertise to progress your project from inception to mining.

Dr John Youngson

John is an expert in sediment-hosted mineral deposits with a focus on placer, palaeoplacer and seafloor minerals. He holds a BSc, MSc (1st Class Honours) and PhD in economic geology, and is an active member of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, The Society of Economic Geologists and the International Marine Minerals Society.

John has more than 20 years’ experience in prospectivity modelling and target generation, and exploration and exploitation of sediment hosted mineral deposits. His work with offshore marine-mineral projects and onshore analogues has been in Senior Consultant roles with De Beers Marine, Aurumar Pty Ltd, Anglo Gold Ashanti and Novo Resources.

John has broad experience in the Americas, the Western Pacific and Africa, principally with placer and palaeoplacer gold, diamonds and industrial minerals. He has published numerous papers and authored many unpublished reports in these fields.

Barry Bayly

Barry Bayly is widely experienced in management of onshore and offshore minerals projects globally. He holds a BSc and BSc Honours degree in Geology from the University of Cape Town, and is a registered member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals.

Barry has over 36 years’ experience in mineral exploration and project development, and previously held the positions of General Manager of De Beers Group Exploration for Southern Africa, India and Australasia (diamonds), and COO / CEO of several resource companies. Twelve of these years were in marine placer exploration and mining, firstly with De Beers Marine, where he was Mineral Resources Manager, then General Manager, and as a consultant to Aurumar Pty Ltd, where he managed their ‘New Business Development’ portfolio.

During his tenure as General Manager for De Beers Marine, he was responsible for the feasibility studies and construction of the mv. ‘Peace in Africa’ (now mv. Mafuta), the largest marine mining vessel in the world (>5M t/annum).

Campbell McKenzie

Campbell is an exploration geologist and holds a BSc (Hons) in Geology. He has worked in the minerals industry for twenty years, and has experience in mineral exploration and mining, investment promotion, joint industry – academia research, business development and stakeholder relations. He has held upper management roles with mineral sector consultancies, government and industry. This has included managing the minerals group for the New Zealand government for a period, and as New Zealand Country Manager for marine minerals explorer Neptune Minerals Plc, a company focused on the exploration and development of seafloor massive sulphide deposits. This role involved participation in all aspects of the company’s business including stakeholder and environmental management, exploration planning and corporate affairs. The role also included managing stakeholder relations for the company in PNG and Vanuatu.

Through his role as Chief Executive Officer for Kenex Limited he has provided technical, corporate and stakeholder management advice to several companies exploring for marine minerals including Chatham Rock Phosphate, Neptune Minerals and Fortescue Metals Group and the Cook Islands government. He is a member of the International Marine Minerals Society.

Dr Ian Stevenson

Ian Stevenson is a marine geoscientist with expertise in marine geophysics, and in innovation, development and knowledge creation from the exploration through to mining phases. He holds a BSc and BSc Honours degree in Geology, and a PhD in Geophysics, and is an active member of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the International Marine Minerals Society.

Ian has over 25 years’ experience in seafloor minerals exploration and mining from shallow marine through to deep water environments. Target commodities include sea floor massive sulphides (SMS), marine diamonds, marine placer gold, base-metal and bulk-commodity marine minerals. He was Innovation Lead – Exploration and Chief Geophysicist at Nautilus Minerals, Chief Geophysicist at Neptune Minerals, and Global Exploration Targeting Manager and Technical Lead – Geophysics at De Beers Marine.

Ian specialises in the development and implementation of technologies and methods for seabed mapping, characterisation and modelling. He has published numerous papers and articles in these fields.

Dr Ian Corbett

Ian Corbett is a sedimentologist specialising in onshore and marine placer mineral deposits. He holds a BSc, MSc in Applied Sedimentology (Distinction) and PhD in Geology and Mineralogy.

Ian has over 25 years’ experience in placer mineral exploration and mineral resource management. He was The Mineral Resources Unit Manager for De Beers Marine, and Consulting Geologist (placers) for the De Beers Group before taking a position as the Intellectual Capital Manager for the Group’s Operation and Exploration Division. Ian has provided technical advice to the International Seabed Authority, the OECD Future of the World Oceans study and the French Government team reviewing the offshore mining potential of French Polynesia.

Ian has worked on a broad spectrum of sedimentary environments and placer systems globally, specialising in the development of mineralisation models for exploration and resource management, for De Beers (diamonds) and Aurumar Pty Ltd (gold). Ian has published numerous papers and authored many unpublished reports in these fields.